Personalised Party Game

Personalised Party Game

Based on the successful trump card game from the 70s, each card is customised to an individual person. Whether the customised game is used at a party, a wedding or business meeting, everyone can have a few minutes of fun but more importantly get to know the other guests and attendees.

Wedding & Party Trumps is a game played at …………well Weddings and Parties!!!!

Is a trumps game where you compare categories and scores about guests at your party. Your make your game by

  • selecting a colour scheme,
  • making up categories you want to score your guests on (e.g. Liklihood of falling over)
  • typing in or uploading the guests due to attend,
  • upload a photo of each guest – Facebook and Instagram are good sources for this

Our very own personalised party game for parties and weddings

And that’s it – your very own, highly personalised party game.

There are different ways of playing the game. But a suggestion is;

  • give each guest a card from your Party Trumps set with someone elses details
  • instruct all the guests to pair up
  • each person get’s to out-trump their opponent on one category
  • the winner get’s to look at the other person’s card
  • if the winners picture is on the card, they swap cards and get to keep their owm
  • the game continues with pairs challenging each other until everyone has their own card

Make this personalised party game more challenging and fun, by choosing unconventional photos of your party guests!

Create your very own customised Party Trump cards quickly and easily. Be nice or nasty to your Party Trump game players, the choice is entirely yours. Leave their name off the trump card entirely, use a nickname or use a caricature instead of a photograph. As Party Trumps are customisable by you – you choose;

  • a party game with a colour scheme that links to your party or wedding theme
  • what Talents and Categories your party has
  • to add your own scores for people or generate their scores at random

Personalised party game – Wedding Trumps

Well it’s exactly the same for a wedding of course. Best played during that time when the speeches are over and the evening is yet to start. Change the rules it’s entirely your choice.

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