Registration Cards

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Personalised Registration Cards

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ClubCards121 provide a complete Registration Cards service for all types of sports club.

Same full colour, high quality plastic cards with bespoke design and/or logo as our Membership Cards. Same personalised details.


We can also provide:

  • Barcodes for tracking purposes – ideal for tracking attendance at training sessions
  • Segmentation by group. Different colour cards can be provided for different segments – different age groups, different levels etc.
  • Simple processing for new members and transfers (made possible by sophisticated software)

Risk of fraud minimized – clever design techniques, watermarks and scrutinizing of individual’s photographs help prevent fraud. Also, as the cards are full thickness credit card size, it is not possible to duplicate them easily.

Mini version also available. One-third of standard size – especially useful for swimming and water events.

Fast turnaround and delivery

ClubCards121 specialise in Football Player Registration Cards but we also supply registration cards to other types of sports club including Rugby, Swimming and Triathlon.

Already have a player registration scheme but need plastic cards to replace the current cards? Give us a call on 01403 230096 or email us.

Registration Card Clients

Horsham District Youth Football League is our flagship Registration Card client. We have supplied their player registration cards for 5 years.

During that time plastic cards technology has improved immeasurably! A largely manual process is now fully automated.

Photos are downloaded direct from the FA website – no more queuing at the photo booth!

This product is proving very popular with other leagues too. Mid Sussex Youth team and Sussex Women and Girls both use this card and have taken it to the next level. Their cards are customised with names and photos and use different colours and backgrounds for different ages and categories.

Evo-Tri Club

 Personalised registration cards in standard and mini versions. The mini cards can be attached to a zip or kept in a swimsuit pocket while training or competing. Invaluable if you need to prove your right of access to the lake in Great Windsor Park, as Evolution’s members sometimes do!

Horsham Trinity Cricket Club

Personalised cards to track attendance at training sessions. Different colours for under and over 18’s

Prices: From £1.45 per card including VAT 


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Membership Cards

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Loyalty Cards

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Gift Cards

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Name Badge

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