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Web Clarity
Marie Allen

Andy produced some excellent magnetic name badges for the Horsham Fairtrade Executive Committee. The process of agreeing the layout and design was pain-free and the badges were ready within a very short timeframe and at a very reasonable cost. The Committee felt very professional wearing their badges at our County celebration event in March, held at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham. I received many favourable comments and I am hopeful that other Fairtrade towns in Surrey and Sussex will want to have the same high quality badges.

The Estate Planning Consultancy Ltd
The Estate Planning Consultancy Ltd
Sylvester Swanston

We requested some luggage tags from Andy, he asked us what we would like to be on these tags? So Toni and I after some long discussion we came up with a design and information we would want on the tags. We presented them to Andy, who quickly provided us with examples for us to choose from. Once we chose the design we both liked, they were sent to us in a matter of days. Toni and I love the end product. I would recommend Andy to anyone who needs luggage tags or plastic cards of any kind. A friendly and prompt service.

Dixey CB
Dixey CB
Dirk Bollwerk, Director

Having a platform on the internet with our website as well as a loyalty scheme in our incorporated café, I was looking for a facility how to generate interest for certain promotions and combine the internet and our café clientele with the ‘shop floor’ promotions.

Andy Neal suggested one of his loyalty cards which do exactly that. After a few emails, we decided on the design and wording. Now the ‘Inner Circle’ invites our clientele from the Optician department as well as the Café, to have a look at the promotions for the ‘few privileged’.

What an ingenious idea. The service was second to none. Even though I was a very particular customer, Andy made sure the journey was easy, affordable and I ended up with exactly the product I set out to have.

Brilliant service all round. Thank you so much.

Grapevine Therapies
Grapevine Therapies
Harri Flanagan MFHT, MGHT Cert Dip

I wanted to thank you for your professional and thorough analysis of my needs regards business gift cards and name badges. You took on board where I am now and what I want to present to my clients. You provided me with options and suggestions which helped me to achieve a desirable gift  card.

The personal attention to detail and pressure free approach you took with me., was very much appreciated.

I have complete confidence in you and your business ethod.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and thank you for the service provided thus far. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Rough & Ready Offroad
Rough & Ready Offroad
Richard Acres

Everybody comments on how nice the cards are, and being plastic they have the added bonus of being waterproof and wipe clean, which is pretty essential in our environment!

Many thanks for your email, it’s rare to have a supplier (as such) actually interested these days!

Wimbledon High School Swimming Club
Wimbledon High School Swimming Club
Sarah Bryden

The cards are fabulous and so much more robust and professional than the stickleback plastic covered cardboard that we used to use.

Thank you.

......You came up with a lovely design and had the cards printed and delivered immediately. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Sedbergh Shooting Club
Sedbergh Shooting Club

Please forgive me for using one communication to praise “Membership Mojo and Clubcards 121.

Membership Mojo is reasonably simple to use, it must be, I am using it!. The program is user friendly, one entry
onto a data base that carries out multiple tasks, even places an order for your club cards.

Clubcards 121 prints the plastic membership cards, prints and posts with an enclosed letter within a short period,
from the initial order.
Am I impressed and would I recommend your two companies?

Yes!, I already have !

Am I pleased? Yes

Rugby Fans benefit from using personalised membersip cards
Rugby Fans benefit from using personalised membersip cards
Sarah - Ayr Rugby Football Club
Rugby fans benefitting from membership cards