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ClubCards121 specialise in personalising biodegradable plastic cards. We print all cards to order, whether you want 5 or 500.

Unlike the majority of plastic card printers, ClubCard121 use high quality desktop card printers. We only print the cards you want and need. There’s no need to print a large volume of cards and then using them bit by bit. Just print the ones you need – no waste

Personalising plastic cards – what it means to us

Putting someone’s name on a piece of plastic or even just a membership number – our cards can be as simple as you like. But, we could be so much more creative in personalising these more eco-friendly plastic cards.

Personalisation or customisation simply means: every card produced is different in some way.

Cardholders name, their photo, their personal membership information – all simple stuff

The card image itself can change;

  • the colour of the background
  • the logo on the card
  • different pictures based on each individuals interests

Personalised plastic cards should be more enjoyable and rewarding – but we are biased because we love doing it.

To see an example of how customised our cards can be click here

Our very own personalised party game for parties and weddings

Based on the successful trump card game from the 70s, each card is customised to an individual person. Whether the customised game is used at a party, a wedding or business meeting, everyone can have a few minutes of fun but more importantly get to know the other guests and attendees.

Wedding & Party Trumps is a game played at …………well Weddings and Parties!!!!

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