Customised Printed Delivered

Full colour plastic membership cards with club logo and branding, give your members a real sense of pride and belonging.

The card design is up to you. Whatever you feel best represents your group or club:

Not sure what you want?

We will help you come up with the perfect design.

We can email you sample designs for you to review and tweak until you are happy.

It’s your choice!

Additional Features

Barcodes, Signature strips, QR codes, Magnetic strips

Any of these can be included on your cards to make managing your membership easy.

For more advanced features related to managing your membership records, for example, electronic payment and online renewals, we are partnered with membership software company membermojo, who provide a full range of membership management services.

Simply Scan a Card

To help record attendance at training and practice, this basketball club in Kent linked the QR code to their system. Simply scanning each player’s card on arrival, recorded their presence.

Linking in with a strategic partner – membermojo – gives you a great opportunity to manage your membership in addition to meeting the needs of the association with high quality cards.

QR Codes On Our Cards

Frequently we have been asked to use QR codes on our cards.

Customised Membership cards

For this rugby club in Scotland, each member had their fixtures printed on the reverse of the card. Very unique.

Customised membership cards for every enthusiasts club or association. However many you want, when you want.